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Greg’s Eggventure

Greg the egg has been separated from his nest. Only you can help him get home. Bounce Greg off the walls separating him from his friends to get him home safe. Be careful not to crack him though!

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Who we are at Krion Games.
Developing the best mobile gaming experience.
  • Fun

    Our primary focus when making a game is to make it fun to play. We want your time in game to be as enjoyable and rewarding as possible, without unnecessary constraints.

  • Replayable

    A great way to make a fun game even better is to make it replayable. No matter the time, you will always be welcome to pick up where you left off and play til your hearts content.

  • Professional

    Our games are made with the highest quality possible. We strive to never compromise quality for quantity, and our support staff is always available should you ever need them.

  • Personal

    Everyone has their own unique play style, and we give our games a personal touch to facilitate this. We want everyone to have their own unique game play experience.


The magicians who make it all possible.
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Ryan Smallwood-Simpson

Gameplay Designer
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Jackson Michael

Systems Designer
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Jordan Stuckings

UX Programmer

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